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Why display one static message when, in the same space, you can display hundreds of full-colour images, animations and full motion video!
Digital Signage is revolutionizing retail and consumer advertising. It is rapidly becoming the world’s most powerful retail communications channel. It is becoming the indispensable tool for retail merchandising, to support promotions, communicate brand values and train staff.
Digital Signage is compelling. Like TV, the moving imagery demands attention. It can tell a story. It can persuade. It can engage your customer in a conversation. Digital signage can sell.

Consider these compelling facts;

  • 70% of all buying decisions are made at the point-of-purchase.
  • Strong messaging at point-of-purchase boosts product sales by up to 30%.
  • Digital signage offers unprecedented speed to market.
  • A brand has only a 7 second window to engage a customer.

Basically, it is the modern form of poster. It is moving content, made up of film, still images, graphics and sound, played on plasma or LCD screens in retail outlets, shopping centres, banks, buildings and public places.

It is being used extensively by retailers in the US and Europe to engage with their customers, build their brands and increase sales. In Australia, retailers are beginning to see the value in this engaging new medium.

The retail world is changing. Customers are demanding more engaging experiences. Retailers are in a position where they must embrace trends or fall behind. Adding In-store Digital to your existing retail communications strategy helps you to engage more deeply with your customers.

Digital signage is powerful — Moving TV quality content is far more engaging that static printed point-of-sale.

Digital Signage is flexible — Not only can you change your content monthly or weekly, you can change it hourly.

Digital signage is cost effective — You already own images and footage of your brand so make the most of them and bring your existing point-of-sale to life.